Product Information:

RTF stands for Rigid Thermo Foil. Eden's RTF products are membrane-pressed using the highest quality glues and foils.

How to Clean RTF Parts: Eden's RTF doors should be cleaned with water and either a soap-based or alcohol-based cleaning agent. Denatured alcohol is an especially good RTF cleaning agent.

DO NOT USE lacquer thinner or any other product containing acetone as these will damage the surface of the RTF and avoid the use of any abrasive rubbing material.

Heat & RTF Products: Because of the affect hot air can have on RTF products, we recommend that you allow adequate room or install a non-RTF filler between RTF doors and drawers and any stove or oven.

Also, advise homeowners to open all doors and fronts near an oven when operating the self-cleaning mode. This should allow excess heat to vent away from the doors and drawers, reducing the chance of de-lamination.

Product Guarantee: Our unfinished MDF doors are guaranteed for a period of 1 year against swelling or twisting. We also guarantee our MDF doors against warpage of more than 1/8" for doors 20" or less in width and 40" or less in height. MDF doors larger than this are not covered under this portion of our guarantee. Unfinished products in MDF with Melamine back will not be covered under this portion of our guarantee.

Our RTF doors are guaranteed for a period of 3 years against color change, within normal interior kitchen environments and avoiding direct sunlight. We also guarantee our RTF doors against de-lamination for a period of 3 years under normal conditions. We do not recommend the use of RTF products in any area where temperatures will exceed 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Parts damaged due to excessive heat may not fall under this warranty. (See Heat & RTF Products above)

We guarantee our RTF doors against warpage of more than 1/8" for doors 20" or less in width and 40" or less in height. Doors larger than this are not covered under this portion of our guarantee.

We guarantee all of our products against defects in material or workmanship under normal use and service. This guarantee does not cover freight damage, abuse, or cost of removal or installation.

Note: A claim of damaged goods or defects should be made within 3 days from delivery date. Any items claimed to be defective may only be returned with prior authorization and are subject to our inspection. Guarantee applies only for replacement of the defective part. There are no other warranties of any kind expressed or implied.

Order Shipping & Pickup: Our goal at Eden is to complete and ship all orders to you in a timely manner. Once we ship an order, however, we depend on the carrier to deliver your order on schedule and without damage. While we have contracted with very dependable shippers, orders can be damaged while in transit. Because we know this is an inconvenience to you and your customers, we have instituted the fastest and friendliest remake policy in the industry.

In the event of shipping damage, a claim must be filed with the shipper. As our customer, you must initiate the first step of the claim process. Below are the steps required to complete the claim process. We ask that you please review and follow these steps so all damage claims will be processed successfully:

1. When a shipment of parts arrives at your location, check the packaging very carefully. If there is evidence that the shipment is damaged or if you suspect that there may be hidden damage, immediately open the shipment and inspect the contents. If it is damaged, make a note on the receiving document that the shipment was received damaged. Do not let the carrier leave until you have done this.

2. If later you discover that there is damage and it was hidden, contact Eden and report the damage. You will be asked to provide a brief description of the damage, the date you received the freight and from the packing list we will need our order numbers and the shipper #. In the event of obvious freight damage, we will ask for your confirmation that the claim procedure has been properly initiated by you. (see #1)

3. Finally, once we receive your request for a remake, we will take the information you provide us and file a claim with the carrier. Eden is reimbursed the cost of the damaged parts - which pays for the remakes - only if you properly initiate the claim as detailed above. If our damage claim is denied because you did not notify the carrier, we have no other choice but to charge you for the cost of the remake.

By helping us build a strong damage claim, you are avoiding unnecessary expense for yourself and you are helping Eden keep costs down. Thank you in advance for you help.

Pricing Information:

Credit Policy & Discounts:
 Prior to processing an order, a completed Customer Information / Credit Application must be on file with our credit department. In most cases, initial orders will be handled on a prepay, charge card or COD basis. Deposits may also be required on orders.

Invoicing is available once a satisfactory account relationship has been established and as long as credit terms are adhered to. If your account becomes past due, future orders may be held-up until the past due balance is paid and your account may be returned to a COD status.

Please Note: that our doors and drawers have a one square foot minimum for pricing purposes.

Payment Options:
A. Cash or check on delivery or pick-up. Checks are deposited the same day received. Orders will not be delivered or available for pick-up unless paid for.

B. Visa, MasterCard, Discovery and American Express accepted.

C. Accounts are available upon credit approval. Terms must be met to remain on account.

Finance Charges & Fees: 
A 1 1/2% finance charge will be added monthly to past due accounts. A $50.00 service charge will apply to all returned checks.

Price Quotes:
 Price quotes are available and are valid 30 days from the date of quote.

Order Shipping & Pickup:
 Shipping is available upon request. Prices will vary depending on size and weight of package.

Pick-up orders must be claimed on schedule. Eden CNC Products, Inc. is not responsible for orders left in pick-up area for 2 weeks or more beyond completion date. If order should be left longer than 2 weeks from completion date, Eden CNC is not responsible for any wood movement or damaged goods. A storage fee will also be added per month to any order left over 30 days.

 All claims of damaged goods must be made to Eden CNC Products, Inc. within 3 days from delivery or pick-up date of your order.

Please notify us immediately of any damage due to shipping. Check all packages upon receipt for damage and note any damage on shipper's documentation.

Any items claimed to be defective may only be returned with prior authorization and are subject to our inspection.

MDF, RTF & Drawer Front Ordering Information:

MDF & RTF Doors:
Maximum MDF door size - 48" wide by 96" high.
Maximum RTF door size - 48" wide by 96" high.
MDF & RTF door rails and stiles - 2 1/4" wide is standard.
Minimum square & half-round door size - 8" by 8".
Please Note: square doors under 8" wide will have stiles with diminished widths & may not take concealed hinges.
Minimum arch & cathedral doors size - 8" by 8".
Please Note: arch & cathedral doors under 12" wide will have stiles with diminished widths & may not take concealed hinges.

MDF & RTF Drawer Fronts / Filler Strips:
Raised panel drawer fronts - 1 1/2" rails & 2 1/4" stiles are standard.
Minimum raised panel drawer front size - 8" wide by 6 1/2" high.
Please Note: drawer fronts with less than 6" height will have diminished rails.
Minimum slab drawer front size - 4" wide by 2" height.
Filler strips available up to 96" long, 2" minimum width. Order as slab drawer front & specify edging.
On wood grain RTF's horizontal wood grain will be assumed unless otherwise indicated on order form.

Material Specs:
MDF - Medium Density Fiberboard, double refined, 96 pound density. Available with or without melamine back.
RTF - Rigid Thermo Foil, PVC material applied to doors with membrane press.

MDF & RTF Frame Specs:
Backs of MDF & RTF frames are routed out for glass insertion - 5/16" deep by 3/8" wide. Routed area on back of frame is unfinished.
MDF & RTF frame rails & stiles - 2 1/4" wide is standard.
MDF & RTF mullions - 1 1/4" wide is standard.
Minimum arch, cathedral & half-round frame size - 13" wide by 12" height.
Minimum square frames - 6" wide by 8" height.
Please Note: square frames under 8" wide will have stiles with diminished widths and will not take concealed hinges.
Minimum radian frame size - 15" wide by 18" height.
Maximum radian frame size - 27" wide by 96" height.

Orders & Confirmations:
Order the exact door size in inches.
Orders are taken by phone, fax or mail.
Orders received by phone will be carefully repeated back to you and will be considered correct, firm and confirmed.
Fax orders are accepted 24-hours a day. Confirmations are normally faxed within 24-hours of receipt. If no confirmation is received within 48-hours, please CALL us to verify that we received your order.
To save time & expense, please check our confirmations for accuracy and call us within 24-hours with any changes or corrections.
Mailed orders will confirmed by phone within 24 hours of receipt.
Once an order is placed into production, cancellations or changes will be at the customer's expense.
Rush orders will be accepted when possible. A 25% rush charge will be added to order and no changes can be made on rush orders once placed.
Once a rush order or an add-on order is received, cancellations or changes will be at the customer's expense.